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concert to plan or devise together. [1/3 definitions]
contrive to plan or devise cleverly or ingeniously. [2/5 definitions]
cook up (informal) to concoct; devise.
evolve to develop, achieve, or devise gradually. [1/5 definitions]
formulate to devise, invent, or develop in a clear or methodical way. [1/3 definitions]
invention the ability or capacity to invent, devise, originate, or imagine; inventiveness. [1/5 definitions]
machinate to invent, plot, scheme, or devise artfully, esp. with malicious intent.
plot1 to devise the story line of (a novel, play, or the like). [1/6 definitions]
pun to use or devise a pun or puns. [1/4 definitions]
trump up to devise or fabricate dishonestly (an accusation, rumor, or the like).