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backgammon a board game in which each of two opponents throws dice and tries to move several pieces clockwise around and eventually off the board.
chuck-a-luck a gambling game in which players bet on the possible values of three rolled dice.
cog2 to manipulate the throw of (dice) with the intention of cheating.
crap a losing dice throw in the game of craps.
craps (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a game of dice in which a seven or eleven on the first throw wins, a two, three, or twelve loses, and any other first throw may win if it can be repeated before a seven.
cube1 (slang) one of a pair of dice. [1/5 definitions]
dice to play a game using dice. [1/4 definitions]
die2 sing. of dice. [1/3 definitions]
doublet (pl.) a throw of two dice in which the upper face of each has the same number of dots. [1/4 definitions]
ivory (informal; often pl.) something made of or resembling ivory, such as piano keys, dice, or a set of human teeth. [1/7 definitions]
loaded of dice, weighted so as to be fraudulent. [1/6 definitions]
pachisi a board game played in India that is similar to backgammon, but in which cowrie shells rather than dice determine the moves. [1/2 definitions]
Parcheesi trademark for a board game using dice to indicate moves, based on pachisi.
throw a roll of dice. [1/15 definitions]