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anomalistic tending to differ from the norm. [1/2 definitions]
conflict to be in strong opposition or disagreement; differ. [1/6 definitions]
disagree to differ or to have a differing opinion. [1/3 definitions]
diverge to differ or deviate; go in separate ways. [1/4 definitions]
gneiss a metamorphic rock made up of minerals similar to those in granite but arranged in bands that differ in color, some bands containing feldspar and quartz and others containing hornblende and mica.
ground squirrel any of various burrowing rodents, such as chipmunks, that differ from true squirrels in having cheek pouches and shorter fur.
heterogeneous made up of parts or members that differ from each other. (Cf. homogeneous.) [1/2 definitions]
hybrid the offspring of two plants or animals that differ genetically as to species, variety, breed, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
isotope any of two or more atoms that have the same number of protons but differ in the number of neutrons, or that have the same atomic number but different atomic weights. (Cf. isobar.)
schlieren streaks or masses of igneous rock that differ in texture or composition from the surrounding matrix and blend gradually into it. [2 definitions]
standard deviation a statistical measure of how widely the individual items in a distribution differ from the mean.
supposed presumed or expected; used especially when fact differs or may differ from expectation. [1/5 definitions]
three-phase of, designating, or pertaining to an electrical circuit, system, or device powered by three alternating electromotive forces that differ in phase by one-third of a cycle, or 120 electrical degrees.
vary to differ; deviate (usu. fol. by from). [1/4 definitions]