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abnormal different from the normal or usual; not typical. (Cf. irregular.)
adapter a device or part that adapts a machine or tool to a different use. [1/2 definitions]
adrenal gland either of two small glands of different shapes, located above the kidneys, that secrete adrenaline and various steroid hormones.
a far cry a long way; quite different.
air lock an airtight compartment in which the air pressure can be regulated, usu. situated between two areas that have different air pressures, as in underwater operations. [1/2 definitions]
allo- other; different; variation.
allopathy treatment of disease with agents intended to produce effects that are different from those of the disease. (Cf. homeopathy.)
almanac a published collection of interesting and useful facts about many different subjects. [1/3 definitions]
alter to make different; change. [2 definitions]
anagram a word or phrase formed by the transposition of letters of a different word or phrase.
analogous in biology, similar in form or function, but of different evolutionary origin. [1/2 definitions]
analogue in biology, an organ or structure similar to another of different evolutionary origin. [1/2 definitions]
analogy in biology, a similarity in form or function of organs or parts that are of different evolutionary origin. [1/5 definitions]
anew in a new and different manner. [1/2 definitions]
another being a different one or one of a distinctly different kind. [2/5 definitions]
antagonistic having opposite effects, or acting in different directions, as a pair of muscles. [1/2 definitions]
arbitrage the purchase of a security or commodity in one financial market and its immediate resale in a different market, used as a way to profit from the difference in market prices. [1/3 definitions]
assonance in poetry, use of the same vowel sounds in the accented syllables but with different consonants, as in "deep" and "feet". [1/2 definitions]
assorted of different kinds or sorts, collected together; variety. [1/2 definitions]
asymmetric different, esp. in arrangement of space, on either side of a center line; not symmetrical; unbalanced.
bend to make (something) take on a curved or angular form, or a different form. [1/10 definitions]