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antipoverty intended to diminish or end poverty.
bate to lessen or diminish; abate. [2/3 definitions]
buffer1 to diminish the undesirable effects of. [1/6 definitions]
cut to shorten or otherwise diminish. [1/25 definitions]
decline to grow weaker or diminish gradually. [1/10 definitions]
decrease to become less in number, amount, size, strength, or the like; diminish. [2/4 definitions]
deduct to lessen, diminish, or detract (usu. fol. by "from"). [1/3 definitions]
deflate to diminish (a person or a person's spirit, confidence, self-possession, or the like). [2/4 definitions]
detract to diminish or take away (often fol. by "from"). [1/2 definitions]
diminishable combined form of diminish.
dwindle to become or cause to become gradually smaller or less until almost nothing remains; diminish; shrink.
fall off to decline, decrease, or diminish.
impair to weaken, damage, or cause to diminish in value or quality.
let up to cease or diminish.
lose to diminish the effectiveness in a particular way. [1/9 definitions]
overshadow to diminish in comparison. [1/2 definitions]
pare to reduce or diminish gradually by or as if by cutting. [1/3 definitions]
remit to lessen or diminish; abate. [1/8 definitions]
slide to diminish, esp. quickly. [1/14 definitions]
tail to recede or diminish gradually (often fol. by off or away). [1/13 definitions]
taper to dwindle or diminish, as to a complete stop. [1/7 definitions]