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break to stop or disappear suddenly. [1/25 definitions]
die1 to fade away; gradually disappear (usu. fol. by "away," "down," or "out"). [1/4 definitions]
die out to gradually disappear; fade. [1/2 definitions]
disperse to cause to disappear, as though by being driven away; dispel. [2/5 definitions]
dissipate to cause to disappear by, or as though by, dispersing or dissolving. [2/4 definitions]
dive to plunge into something and disappear. [1/12 definitions]
efface to cause to disappear; destroy. [1/3 definitions]
evanesce to disappear like a vapor; vanish into nothing.
evanescent tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing; fleeting.
evaporate to disappear as if vaporized. [1/5 definitions]
go down to disappear from sight below the horizon; set. [1/3 definitions]
go up in smoke to end or disappear abruptly before a goal can be realized; fail to be carried out.
lift to disappear or move away because of an upward force. [1/12 definitions]
vanish to disappear quickly from sight. [2/4 definitions]
wear off to diminish or disappear gradually.