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assess to examine and try to discover the extent, quality, or nature of; evaluate; measure. [1/3 definitions]
catch to discover and surprise suddenly. [1/18 definitions]
codiscover combined form of discover.
come across to discover or encounter by chance. [1/2 definitions]
detect to perceive, discover, or uncover. [2 definitions]
discoverable combined form of discover.
divine to discover or foretell by omens or supernatural means. [1/12 definitions]
experiment a test or trial to discover something unknown, esp. a scientific one to test a hypothesis. [1/3 definitions]
find to discover. [1/8 definitions]
find oneself to discover one's true nature, interests, or vocation.
find out to discover; learn; ascertain. [2 definitions]
glean to gather or discover (facts, information, or the like) a little at a time. [2/4 definitions]
hit to discover, find, or meet with. [1/16 definitions]
metal detector a device that detects and signals the presence of metal objects and is used to discover concealed weapons at a security point or locate buried coins and the like.
rediscover combined form of discover.
rummage to discover or bring forth by such a search (often fol. by out or up). [1/5 definitions]
screening a procedure used to discover unwanted or harmful characteristics, objects, substances, or symptoms. [1/3 definitions]
search to discover by exploring; come to know (fol. by out). [1/6 definitions]
spy to discover or catch sight of; espy. [1/6 definitions]
stumble to discover, reach, or come across accidentally or unexpectedly (usu. fol. by across, on, or upon). [1/6 definitions]
test1 to administer a test or examination in order to diagnose, evaluate, or discover the presence of something (fol. by "for"). [1/7 definitions]