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besmirch to dim or discredit. [1/2 definitions]
demolish to damage or discredit (a reputation, pretension, or the like). [1/4 definitions]
destructive tending to destroy or discredit. [1/2 definitions]
discreditable combined form of discredit.
impeach to cast doubt or discredit on. [1/2 definitions]
impugn to call into question; challenge or try to discredit.
impute to credit or discredit someone with. [1/2 definitions]
misprize to belittle or discredit; undervalue.
redound to accrue to a person, as a credit or discredit. [1/3 definitions]
smirch to discredit or defame; smear. [1/4 definitions]
whispering campaign the organized spreading of insinuations and rumors, intended to discredit a person, organization, cause, or the like.