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black eye (informal) a sign or source of disgrace or disrepute. [1/2 definitions]
black sheep one who differs from and is an embarrassment or disgrace to his or her family or group, because of disreputable behavior, lack of worldly success, or the like.
blot a moral fault or disgrace. [1/8 definitions]
brand a mark of disgrace or shame; stigma. [2/8 definitions]
contempt the state of being scorned or despised; disgrace. [1/3 definitions]
defile1 to dishonor or disgrace; sully. [1/5 definitions]
degrade to lower in the opinion of others or in self-respect; bring into dishonor or disgrace. [1/6 definitions]
disgraceful bringing about disgrace, or having a shameful nature.
dishonor to cause to lose honor or reputation; disgrace; shame. [1/5 definitions]
disrepute ill repute or low regard; disgrace or disfavor (usu. prec. by in or into).
foul to bring dishonor or disgrace to. [1/21 definitions]
humiliating causing feelings of shame, disgrace, or deep embarrassment.
ignominious characterized by or associated with disgrace, dishonor, or shame; humiliating. [2 definitions]
ignominy the condition of being in disgrace or dishonor; humiliation. [2 definitions]
inglorious bringing shame or disgrace; shameful; dishonorable.
opprobrium a condition of disgrace or shame; ignominy. [2/3 definitions]
put to shame to cause to feel ashamed; disgrace. [1/2 definitions]
reproach to bring disgrace upon; be a source of shame to. [2/4 definitions]
ruin to cause the downfall or disgrace of. [1/9 definitions]
scandal the damage or disgrace that results from such action or behavior; disrepute. [2/4 definitions]
shame to cause loss of reputation for; bring disgrace on. [1/8 definitions]