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cover pretense or disguise. [1/13 definitions]
coverture a cover, disguise, or hiding place. [1/2 definitions]
dissemble to disguise or hide behind a false semblance; conceal the true nature or state of. [1/3 definitions]
dissimulate to hide or disguise the true nature of; dissemble. [1/2 definitions]
expose to strip away a disguise, pretense, or protection from. [1/7 definitions]
incognito in disguise; under a false identity. [2/4 definitions]
mask a covering for all or part of the face, usu. worn to disguise the wearer's identity. [3/11 definitions]
masquerade to wear a costume or disguise. [1/5 definitions]
naked without elaboration or disguise. [1/5 definitions]
smoke screen a deceptive statement or action used to conceal or disguise one's activities or intentions. [1/2 definitions]
veil to cover with or as with a veil; conceal; disguise. [1/3 definitions]
vizard a mask, esp. one for disguise or protection.