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adventurer one who advances by dishonest or ruthless means. [1/3 definitions]
adventuress a female adventurer, esp. one who advances by dishonest or ruthless means.
arriviste one who has recently attained wealth, status, or the like, often in suspect or dishonest ways; parvenu; social climber.
blackguard an unprincipled, dishonest person; scoundrel. [1/2 definitions]
casuistry the fallacious, misleading, or dishonest application of such principles; sophistry. [1/2 definitions]
cheat in law, the act of obtaining someone's property by dishonest or criminal means. [1/11 definitions]
corrupt dishonest, disloyal, unjust, or otherwise immoral. [2/11 definitions]
cozy convenient or advantageous, esp. for illicit or dishonest purposes. [1/5 definitions]
crooked dishonest or devious. [1/2 definitions]
device a trick or scheme, often for a dishonest, evil, or mischievous purpose. [1/3 definitions]
ill-gotten obtained by dishonest or evil means.
insincere exhibiting false or dishonest feelings or opinions; hypocritical.
juggle a dishonest or deceptive stratagem; ploy; trick. [1/8 definitions]
knavery an act or behavior characteristic of a knave; dishonest dealing; trickery.
knavish characteristic of a knave; dishonest or tricky.
loot goods taken by stealth or other dishonest means. [1/7 definitions]
lying1 deliberately untruthful; dishonest; false. [1/3 definitions]
misconduct poor or dishonest management, esp. by military or government officials. [1/3 definitions]
Ponzi scheme a dishonest investment scheme in which early investors receive artificially high returns from money paid in by later investors, the high returns being publicized to attract further investors.
rascal one who is unscrupulous or dishonest; villain; scoundrel. [1/2 definitions]
rogue one who is dishonest or malicious; scoundrel. [1/6 definitions]