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cavalier showing offhand disregard; arrogant and disdainful. [1/4 definitions]
condone to pardon, disregard, or overlook voluntarily or without condemning.
defiance contempt or disregard for some danger or opposing force. [1/3 definitions]
defiant characterized by a bold disregard or contempt for authority or opposition; refusing to obey.
discount to pay little or no heed to; underestimate or disregard. [1/11 definitions]
ignore to refuse to recognize or fail to take notice of; pay no attention to; disregard.
mock to disregard or defy. [1/10 definitions]
negligence disregard of, omission of, or failure to do something necessary; carelessness or neglect, esp. when it is habitual. [1/2 definitions]
overlook to ignore; disregard. [1/6 definitions]
pass to skip or disregard. [1/30 definitions]
potshot a shot fired randomly at game, esp. in disregard of hunting laws or the rules of the sport. [1/4 definitions]
rough-and-tumble characterized by or inclined toward roughness, disorder, and disregard for rules or niceties.
set at naught to disregard or treat as worthless or insignificant.
supercilious showing an arrogant disregard, as a look, manner, or person.
temerity reckless or foolish boldness; rash disregard of danger.
unlearn to disregard or purposely forget (something learned).