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Aral Sea formerly, a very large lake in Central Asia. Once one of the world's largest lakes, the Aral Sea has vastly diminished in volume of water and has divided into separate parts as a result of the diversion, for agricultural purposes, of the rivers that fed the lake. The southeastern part of the Aral Sea has become entirely dry.
divertissement an amusement or entertainment; diversion. [1/2 definitions]
entertaining providing pleasant diversion; amusing.
entertainment something that provides pleasant diversion or amusement. [1/3 definitions]
excursion diversion from the topic at hand; digression. [1/3 definitions]
game something done for amusement; diversion; pastime. [1/9 definitions]
occupational therapy therapy consisting of work designed to provide mental diversion or a creative outlet, exercise to heal or correct a physical deficiency or injury, or training in vocational skills.
open-heart surgery surgery involving diversion of the blood so that the heart can be exposed and repaired.
relaxation diversion or recreation designed to refresh the body and mind. [1/4 definitions]
relief1 something acting as a pleasant diversion. [1/5 definitions]
riddle1 a puzzling, tricky, and often amusing question, usu. with an ingenious answer, posed as a diversion or as a test of one's wits. [1/4 definitions]
ruse a trick, pretense, or diversion intended to deceive or mislead.
shunt the act of moving or turning aside; shift, switch, or diversion. [1/10 definitions]