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adding machine a machine, often used by businesses, that is able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, esp. one that prints the work on paper.
atomize to divide into atoms. [2/3 definitions]
Balkanize (often l.c.) to divide up into mutually antagonistic political units too small to maintain their independence or autonomy effectively.
between occurring so as to unite or divide. [1/6 definitions]
bifurcate to divide into two branches. [1/2 definitions]
branch to separate or divide into branches or branchlike parts. [1/6 definitions]
canton to divide into cantons or political districts. [1/3 definitions]
compartment to divide or separate into compartments; compartmentalize. [1/3 definitions]
compartmentalize to divide or separate into compartments or categories.
cut to divide with something sharp. [2/25 definitions]
decile in statistics, any of the values that divide a frequency distribution into ten groups of equal frequency, or any one of these groups.
dissever to break or divide into parts. [1/3 definitions]
distribute to divide into parts and give out to each of several people, groups, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
district to divide into districts. [1/3 definitions]
disunite to break up the union of; divide. [1/2 definitions]
equation in chemistry, an array of symbols representing a reaction as to both its starting materials and its products, and using an equal sign or arrows to divide the two groups. [1/4 definitions]
fraction to divide up or break into parts or fragments. [1/4 definitions]
furcate to divide into branches. [1/2 definitions]
graduate to arrange or divide by degrees, levels, or grades. [1/6 definitions]
halve to divide into two equal parts. [1/4 definitions]
hyphen a sign (-) used to join the parts of a compound word or to divide a word between syllables, as at the end of a line.