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Aral Sea formerly, a very large lake in Central Asia. Once one of the world's largest lakes, the Aral Sea has vastly diminished in volume of water and has divided into separate parts as a result of the diversion, for agricultural purposes, of the rivers that fed the lake. The southeastern part of the Aral Sea has become entirely dry.
area code in the United States and Canada, any of the three-digit codes that identify the regional telephone districts into which the countries are divided. [1/2 definitions]
arithmetic mean the sum of a series of quantities divided by the number of quantities; average.
average obtained by determining the arithmetic mean, in which the sum of the quantities is divided by the total number of quantities. [1/9 definitions]
bass1 a person who sings the lowest part in a group of singers, especially in a group which is divided into four ranges of pitch from high to low. [1/5 definitions]
biceps a muscle divided in two parts at its origin, esp. the large muscle at the front of the upper arm that bends the elbow.
bifurcate divided into two branches; forked. [1/2 definitions]
bifurcation the act or result of dividing into two branches, or the state of being so divided.
bipartite composed of or divided into two parts. [1/2 definitions]
bipinnate having opposing leaflets that are in turn divided into smaller opposing leaflets, as certain compound leaves.
bladderwort any of a large group of mostly aquatic plants with small bladders on their finely divided leaves that trap their prey.
block (chiefly British) a large building divided into separate apartments, offices, or the like. [1/19 definitions]
carbon black any of various finely divided forms of carbon obtained from the incomplete burning of natural gas or petroleum oil, and used to make ink, pigments, and rubber, and as a filtering agent.
caste one of the four hereditary classes into which Hindu society is divided. [1/4 definitions]
celandine a plant of the poppy family that has deeply divided leaves, yellow flowers, and a yellow-orange fluid in its stem. [1/2 definitions]
checker1 one of the disks used as a game piece in checkers, a game played by two persons, each having twelve disks to be moved over a board divided into sixty-four squares of two alternating colors. [1/4 definitions]
checkers (pl. but used with a sing. verb) a game played by two persons, each having twelve disks to be moved over a board divided into sixty-four squares of two alternating colors.
cleft split; divided. [1/3 definitions]
cloven being divided or split, as the hoof of a cow or goat. [1/2 definitions]
cloven hoof a hoof or foot divided into two parts by a cleft, characteristic of deer, sheep, and goats; cloven foot. [1/2 definitions]
coattail the loose back part of a coat below the waist, esp. either half of this part when divided by a vent, as in a cutaway.