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corespondent in law, one jointly accused with the defendant, esp. of adultery in a divorce case.
divorced no longer married because of divorce.
no-fault of or pertaining to a system of divorce in which a decree is granted without fault being assigned to either spouse. [1/2 definitions]
on the rebound (informal) done while still recovering from a divorce, rejection, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
repudiate to separate oneself from; divorce or disown. [1/3 definitions]
respondent a defendant in certain kinds of law cases such as divorce. [1/3 definitions]
separate to discontinue living together as a married couple, either prior to or without obtaining a divorce. [1/12 definitions]
separation a legal arrangement in which married couples live separately either prior to or without obtaining a divorce. [1/4 definitions]
visitation a parent's right to visit a child as ordered by a court in a divorce proceeding. [1/5 definitions]