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active in grammar, designating the voice or form of a verb whose subject acts through the verb, rather than being the object of the verb's action, such as "signed" in "Five petitioners signed the document". (Cf. passive.) [1/6 definitions]
addendum an addition or intended addition, esp. a supplement to a book or other document.
agreement an arrangement that determines a course of action to be followed by all parties to a transaction, or a document that describes this arrangement. [2/5 definitions]
amendment an addition to, change to, or deletion from a document such as a legislative bill or contract. [1/3 definitions]
annex something added to a document, usu. at the end; appendix. [1/4 definitions]
antedate to affix an earlier date, as to a document or event; predate. [2/3 definitions]
article a specific section in a document such as a constitution or piece of legislation. [1/4 definitions]
Articles of Confederation a document created in 1781 that served as a set of guidelines for governing the newly formed United States of America. The Articles of Confederation created a "firm league of friendship" among the thirteen original states and maintained the majority of power in states' hands. It was replaced by the U.S. Constitution in 1789.
attached designating an additional document or documents enclosed with a letter or e-mail. [2/4 definitions]
bank statement a document that shows all the transactions that have occurred during a specific period of time in a bank account, esp. a periodic statement compiled by a bank for an account holder.
bill of sale a written document that shows that something has been sold by one party to another.
birth certificate an official document recording the time and place of a person's birth and the names of the parents.
bull2 an official papal document, usu. sealed with a round lead seal.
cachet an official seal on a document or letter. [1/4 definitions]
capias a legal document directing an officer to arrest a specific person.
capitulation a document containing the terms or specified conditions of surrender. [1/3 definitions]
caption in law, the part of a legal document where the time, date, location, and authority of its execution are indicated. [1/4 definitions]
carbon copy a copy of a document, letter, or the like that is made by using carbon paper. [1/2 definitions]
cc2 abbreviation of "carbon copy," originally referring to a copy of a document, letter, or the like that is made by using carbon paper, now designating a copy or duplicate that is made through any means.
CD2 abbreviation of "certificate of deposit," a document issued by a savings institution stating that the named person has a specified sum of money on deposit.
certificate a document stating or affirming the veracity or factuality of something. [4/6 definitions]