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cowfish a small dolphin, whale, or other ocean mammal. [1/2 definitions]
Delphinus a summer constellation in the northern sky, located between Pegasus and Aquila; Dolphin.
grampus a marine mammal closely related to the dolphin. [1/2 definitions]
killer whale a very large predatory dolphin, usu. black and white, that feeds on seals and large fish.
narwhal an arctic aquatic mammal related to the dolphin, that has a spotted pelt and, on the male, a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the upper jaw.
pink river dolphin a large South American freshwater dolphin, having a pink, light blue, or gray color, a long, thin snout, and a bulbous forehead.
porpoise any of several related mammals such as the dolphin. [1/2 definitions]
whale1 any of the largest of marine mammals, with a body shaped like a dolphin or porpoise, flippers in place of forelimbs, and a flat, triangular tail. [1/2 definitions]