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condemn to declare (land or property) to be available for public use under the right of eminent domain. [1/5 definitions]
demesne a district, region, territory, or domain. [1/5 definitions]
-dom geographical or governmental domain. [1/3 definitions]
domain name a communications identifier and address made up of a series of numbers or letters, shared by all devices in a domain.
dominion the territory that a single ruler or government controls; realm; domain. [1/3 definitions]
fiefdom the domain of a lord under the system of feudalism. [1/2 definitions]
multidomain combined form of domain.
officialdom their positions or domain. [1/2 definitions]
patent any of several other rights granted by government, as to the ownership of land previously in the public domain. [1/7 definitions]
realm a royal kingdom; domain. [1/2 definitions]
robber baron a feudal nobleman who robbed travelers passing through his domain. [1/2 definitions]
sphere a field, area, or domain that someone or something occupies or in which someone has knowledge, influence, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
step on someone's toes to offend by acting aggressive or by encroaching on another's domain.
sultanate the area or domain ruled by a sultan. [1/2 definitions]
turf (informal) one's particular domain or area of interest or expertise, esp. considered as inviolable. [1/5 definitions]