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aggression The use of force or violence against another in order to dominate or achieve one's own aims. [1/3 definitions]
bestride to tower over; dominate. [1/3 definitions]
browbeat to bully or dominate by means of intimidating words or actions; domineer.
castle a large, fortified residence of nobles in feudal times, sited to dominate the surrounding countryside. [1/6 definitions]
command to dominate because of position; overlook. [1/12 definitions]
control to exercise the power to regulate, dominate, or manipulate; command. [1/9 definitions]
devour to absorb, engulf, or dominate wholly. [1/4 definitions]
henpeck (informal) to dominate (one's husband) by constantly nagging or criticizing.
monopolize to obtain or maintain exclusive control over; have to oneself alone; dominate. [2 definitions]
mortify to dominate (one's own body, desires, or the like) through self-imposed deprivations and other ordeals. [1/3 definitions]
motif a distinct formal unit such as a design, theme, or musical phrase that may repeat in, dominate, characterize, or be a prominent feature of an aesthetic or decorative work. [1/2 definitions]
overbear to dominate or overwhelm; prevail over. [1/3 definitions]
overrun to sweep across and dominate quickly, as an invading population, or a plague. [1/7 definitions]
possess of ideas or emotions, to control or dominate the actions of. [1/5 definitions]
possessive tending to dominate friends, relatives, or lovers and to jealously oppose their having other relationships. [1/6 definitions]
rule the roost to dominate or control one's family or associates.
white supremacy the belief or doctrine that the white race is naturally superior to other races, esp. blacks, and therefore has the right to dominate and exploit them socially, economically, and politically.