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anachronism the representation of something as existing or happening at a time when that thing did not exist or happen, or a similar presentation done in error. [1/2 definitions]
backdoor done in secret; surreptitious.
black and white a photograph or graphic representation done in shades of black and white only. [1/2 definitions]
cakewalk a high-strutting, marchlike dance done in competition for the prize of a cake, awarded to the most intricate or unusual performance. [1/5 definitions]
celebration anything that is planned or done in order to celebrate something. [1/2 definitions]
conscientious done in accordance with one's conscience; scrupulous. [1/2 definitions]
covert concealed or done in secret. [1/3 definitions]
defensive done in order to defend against attack. [1/6 definitions]
deliberate said or done intentionally. [1/5 definitions]
fast1 done in a relatively short time. [1/12 definitions]
favor a kind or helpful act, usually done in response to another's request. [1/11 definitions]
grandstand (informal) done in a pretentious manner so as to show off. [1/5 definitions]
histrionic done in a theatrical, emotional, or affected manner; overly dramatic. [1/2 definitions]
kowtow to kneel down and place the forehead on the ground as an act of deference, respect, or the like, esp. when done in compliance with Chinese custom. [1/3 definitions]
majuscule of writing or printing, done in such letters. [1/3 definitions]
personal done in person. [1/6 definitions]
pious done in the name of or for the sake of religion, morality, or good. [1/4 definitions]
pratfall a fall in which one lands on the buttocks, often done intentionally for humorous effect.
repentance the feeling of sorrow or deep regret for something done in the past.
return done in return. [1/22 definitions]
revenge something done in retaliation or vengeance; reprisal. [1/5 definitions]