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ahem a sound as of clearing the throat, used to attract notice, express doubt, or fill in a pause.
all right without a doubt; certainly; definitely. [1/5 definitions]
assurance freedom from doubt or timidity; self-confidence. [1/3 definitions]
beyond question without any doubt.
certain without doubt; convinced; sure. [1/8 definitions]
certitude the state, condition, or feeling of freedom from uncertainty or doubt. [1/2 definitions]
clear to make free of confusion, doubt, or obscurity (usu. fol. by "up"). [1/22 definitions]
clearly without a doubt. [1/2 definitions]
cliff-hanger a closely contested game or event, whose outcome is in doubt until the very end. [1/2 definitions]
crush to afflict with humiliation, confusion, or self-doubt, as by criticism or jeering remarks. [1/11 definitions]
definitely without a doubt; positively. [1/2 definitions]
deter to stop or discourage from some action by arousing doubt or fear. [1/2 definitions]
discredit to put in doubt; cause to be distrusted. [2/6 definitions]
distrust lack of faith or confidence; doubt or suspicion. [1/2 definitions]
doubtable combined form of doubt.
doubtful having or causing doubt. [1/4 definitions]
doubtless having no doubt. [1/3 definitions]
dubious having or showing doubt; skeptical. [2/3 definitions]
easily with little doubt. [1/2 definitions]
fear to suspect or be in doubt about. [1/8 definitions]
hem2 used to get attention, suggest doubt, or the like. [2/4 definitions]