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fairing a structure on the external surface of an aircraft or other vehicle that serves to streamline the chassis and thus reduce drag.
grapnel a similar hooking device used to secure or drag up objects. [1/2 definitions]
grapple a metal hook with several claws used to drag objects closer or secure them; grapnel. [1/6 definitions]
haul to pull or draw forcibly; drag or tug. [1/9 definitions]
outdrag combined form of drag.
raceway a racetrack, as for drag racing or harness racing. [1/2 definitions]
scuff to drag the feet along while walking; shuffle. [1/6 definitions]
sea anchor a large canvas-covered, often conical frame that is let out as a float or drag to prevent a ship from drifting off course or to keep it headed into the wind.
shuffle to drag or scrape the feet along the floor while walking. [2/8 definitions]
snake to drag or haul, esp. by a chain or rope. [1/6 definitions]
sound barrier a hypothetical barrier to aircraft as they approach the speed of sound, suggested by the abrupt increase in aerodynamic drag near that velocity; sonic barrier.
trail to drag along behind, esp. on the ground. [2/12 definitions]
tug to move by pulling strongly or forcibly; drag; haul. [1/9 definitions]