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act a major division of a drama, esp. of a play or opera. [2/14 definitions]
apostrophe2 esp. in drama, an address to someone absent or imaginary, or to an object or idea.
catastrophe the aftermath of the climax in a drama, esp. classical Greek tragedy; denouement. [1/3 definitions]
catharsis in drama, a purging of the audience's emotions. [1/3 definitions]
characterization the creation of convincing, realistic characters in fictional writing or drama. [1/3 definitions]
conservatory a school of music or drama. [1/3 definitions]
corny of drama, foolishly sentimental or unoriginal. [1/2 definitions]
deus ex machina god from a machine (Latin); in ancient Greek drama, a god brought in by a mechanical contrivance to resolve a plot or complicated situation. [1/2 definitions]
dramatic of, pertaining to, or possessing drama. [1/3 definitions]
dramatically with respect to the qualities of drama. [1/3 definitions]
dramatization the act or process of shaping into the form of a drama. [2 definitions]
dramatize to depict in the form of a drama. [1/2 definitions]
duologue a conversation between two people or characters, esp. in a drama.
happening a performance or drama that develops spontaneously and involves audience participation. [1/2 definitions]
interpret to make visible or audible the meaning of (a drama, musical composition, or the like) through performance. [1/6 definitions]
interpretation a rendering of the meaning of music, drama, or the like through performance. [1/4 definitions]
interpretative of or relating to arts such as music and drama which allow full interpretation through performance. [1/4 definitions]
irony the use of such contrast in drama, as between the actual situation and what the characters understand or say about it, to create suspense or comedy. [1/3 definitions]
kabuki a form of Japanese popular drama using male actors for both male and female roles, and with highly stylized acting, music, and dancing.
little theater a small theater, producing experimental and usu. amateur drama. [2 definitions]
melodrama a drama, or type of drama, characterized by exaggeration in the writing, production, and acting, and including much suspense and sentimentality. [1/2 definitions]