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absentee a person who is absent, esp. from duty, work, or property. [1/2 definitions]
absent without leave absent without permission from assigned military duty, but not necessarily with the intention of deserting; AWOL.
admonish to exhort, urge, or remind, as of a duty. [1/3 definitions]
assign to appoint or choose, as for a duty. [1/6 definitions]
assume to take on, as a duty, role, or appearance. [1/3 definitions]
assumption a taking on, as of a duty, role, or office. [1/3 definitions]
augur one who predicts the future or tries to obtain hidden knowledge by interpreting signs and omens, esp. an ancient Roman religious official with such a duty; soothsayer. [1/5 definitions]
AWOL abbreviation of "absent without leave," absent without permission from assigned military duty, but not necessarily with the intention of deserting.
barratry in law, a breach of duty by a ship's captain or crew that results in loss to the ship's owner. [1/2 definitions]
bear1 to take upon oneself or accept as a duty or obligation. [1/8 definitions]
bind to be obligatory, as a duty. [1/13 definitions]
bonded of goods subject to government duty, placed under bond, as in a warehouse. [1/3 definitions]
business a duty, concern, or appropriate personal interest. [1/8 definitions]
call-up an order to a large number of people to report for active military duty.
cashier2 to dismiss from a position of trust or responsibility, esp. for serious breach of duty.
casualty a member of the armed forces removed from active duty as a result of being killed, wounded, captured, or missing in action. [1/3 definitions]
charge to give (someone) a responsibility or duty. [2/22 definitions]
civic responsibility a particular responsibility or duty deemed an important aspect of being a productive and contributing citizen of a community or country. Ideas about what constitutes one's civic responsibilities vary but often include such things as obeying laws, voting in elections, respecting the rights of others, and performing public service.
custom (pl., but used with a sing. verb) a tax assessed and collected on goods brought into and, sometimes, taken out of a country; duty. [1/8 definitions]
defection the act of deserting or renouncing loyalty to something to which one is supposed to be loyal, such as one's country, duty, religion, or party. [1/2 definitions]
delinquency failure to bear one's responsibilities; dereliction of duty or failure to meet a legal requirement. [1/3 definitions]