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acquisitive having an eager desire to gain or possess, esp. material goods.
anxious eager. [1/3 definitions]
athirst eager, as for knowledge or experience.
be spoiling for (informal) to be eager for.
bloodthirsty eager to cause or attracted to acts of bloodshed; cruel.
combative eager or ready to fight.
complaisant eager or willing to please; amenable; obliging.
curious eager to learn or know. [1/3 definitions]
devotee an eager or serious follower or enthusiast.
forward eager or ready. [1/13 definitions]
gobble1 (informal) to take or seize in an eager or greedy manner; grab (often fol. by up). [1/3 definitions]
grasping overly eager to obtain material goods, sometimes to the point of ruthlessness; greedy. [1/2 definitions]
greedy strongly desirous; eager (often fol. by "for"). [1/3 definitions]
itchy nervously eager, desirous, or apprehensive. [1/2 definitions]
keen1 enthusiastic, eager, or desirous. [1/4 definitions]
officious overly eager or aggressive in offering unrequested or unwanted service to others.
on tiptoe filled with eager anticipation; expectant. [1/2 definitions]
overeager combined form of eager.
perfervid extremely eager; ardent; zealous.
pugnacious ready or eager to fight; overly aggressive or quarrelsome.
quidnunc a person who is nosy and eager to hear the latest gossip; busybody.