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abracadabra a nonsense word thought to produce a magical effect such as the warding off of disaster or disease. [1/2 definitions]
acetanilide a white crystalline organic powder produced by the effect of acetic acid on aniline and used to relieve pain and fever.
act to produce an effect. [1/14 definitions]
action effect. [1/8 definitions]
active currently operating, in process, or in effect. [2/6 definitions]
aftereffect an effect that follows its cause after some period of time, such as a delayed effect caused by a medicine or exposure to chemicals.
anacoluthon a sudden shift within a sentence from one grammatical structure to another, esp. when done for rhetorical effect.
a posteriori proceeding from effect to cause or from observed particular instances to a generalization; inductive. (Cf. a priori.) [1/2 definitions]
apply to put into effect or action. [1/6 definitions]
a priori proceeding from cause to effect or from the general to the particular; deductive. [1/3 definitions]
artifact in scientific investigation, a spurious result or effect caused by the introduction of unintended elements or variables. [1/2 definitions]
astringent having the effect of drawing together, esp. of contracting body tissues so as to stop secretions or bleeding; styptic. [1/4 definitions]
attenuate to make less in quantity, quality, or effect; weaken. [1/4 definitions]
bite corrosive effect. [1/18 definitions]
bland gentle in effect, as nonirritating foods or nonstimulating medicines. [1/3 definitions]
blunt to lessen or weaken the force or effect of. [1/5 definitions]
bring into play to put into motion or effect.
cacophony in literary or musical composition, a discordant or unharmonious combination of sounds used for special effect. [1/2 definitions]
candle something similar to a candle, esp. in use or effect. [1/4 definitions]
causal pertaining to cause and effect. [1/2 definitions]
causality the relationship or connection between cause and effect. [1/3 definitions]