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degeneration the gradual decrease in the efficiency of bodily organs or tissues, resulting from disease or aging. [1/4 definitions]
dilute to reduce the strength, power, or efficiency of, esp. by adding something else. [1/4 definitions]
doer one who acts with energy and efficiency, as opposed to one who just thinks or talks about doing something. [1/2 definitions]
expedite to send off, facilitate the progress of, or accomplish with speed and efficiency. [1/2 definitions]
expedition efficiency and speed of accomplishment; dispatch. [1/2 definitions]
Good Conduct Medal in the U.S. military, a medal awarded to servicemen for dutifulness, efficiency, and loyalty.
miniaturize to make extremely compact or small, esp. in order to reduce volume or weight, or increase efficiency in other ways. [1/2 definitions]
on the ball acting with efficiency and competence. [1/2 definitions]
operations research the systematic mathematical or scientific analysis of an operation, policy, or process to improve its effectiveness or efficiency.
peripheral an auxiliary device, such as a disk, printer, scanner, or the like, that is used with a computer to increase its functional range or efficiency. [1/3 definitions]
potentiate to increase the strength or efficiency of. [1/2 definitions]
retool to re-equip a factory, as for a new purpose or for greater efficiency. [1/3 definitions]
roadability the degree of comfort and efficiency of a road vehicle.
social engineering the application to social problems of methods that are considered to be similar to those of engineering in their practicality, efficiency, and moral neutrality.
Stakhanovism a system in the former Soviet Union in which workers who increased their production through initiative and efficiency received rewards and bonuses from the government.
superefficiency combined form of efficiency.
tackle a rope and pulley or system of pulleys, used to increase efficiency in lifting or moving weights. [1/7 definitions]