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alignment the state of being in proper adjustment for efficient coordinated function. [1/4 definitions]
backward toward a worse, less developed, or less efficient condition; retrogressively. [1/8 definitions]
businesslike having qualities useful in business; serious; efficient; systematic.
cost-effective producing optimum results for the amount spent; efficient or economical.
cruise to travel at a fixed, efficient, and moderate speed for a sustained period, as do ships and airplanes. [1/6 definitions]
economy the efficient use of something. [1/5 definitions]
efficiency the state of being efficient. [1/3 definitions]
expeditious prompt and efficient.
good capable; efficient. [1/24 definitions]
hyperefficient combined form of efficient.
rearm to equip (others or oneself) with new or more efficient weapons. [1/2 definitions]
reorder to put into a different, usu. more efficient order; rearrange. [1/3 definitions]
streamline to alter so as to make simpler or more efficient, compact, or up-to-date. [1/4 definitions]
streamlined efficient, economical, or modern in design. [1/2 definitions]
superefficient combined form of efficient.
systems engineering a branch of engineering that makes use of computer science and systems analysis to put together efficient operating procedures for certain networks or complexes.
taut in good condition or order; tidy; efficient. [1/3 definitions]
tight ship (informal) an organization or group that is extremely efficient and well-run.
timesaving facilitating the conservation or efficient use of time.
ultraefficient combined form of efficient.
Wankel engine an internal combustion engine that features a triangular rotor revolving in a chamber, and that requires fewer moving parts and is lighter and less efficient than a piston-driven engine.