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bathing cap a close-fitting cap of rubber, elastic, or the like, worn to keep the hair dry during swimming.
boxer shorts men's briefs with an elastic waistband and a loose full cut, similar to that of boxer's trunks.
bungee cord a strong elastic cord with hooks on each end, used to strap things down or absorb the shock of a suddenly applied force. Long bungee cords are used in the sport of bunjee jumping.
cartilage a tough, white, elastic connective tissue forming a major component of the skeletons of fetuses and young vertebrates, and turning largely to bone as the organism matures. [1/2 definitions]
caulking elastic material used to seal and fill cracks.
elasticity the condition or quality of being elastic, as in texture. [1/3 definitions]
elasticize to make (fabric or the like) elastic by stitching in an elastic band, or by interweaving with strands of rubber.
elastomer any of various synthetic substances having the elastic qualities of rubber.
fibrin a tough, white, elastic protein formed in the clotting of blood.
gaiter a high-topped shoe with elastic insets in the sides. [1/3 definitions]
garter a circular elastic band used to hold up a stocking or shirt sleeve. [2/3 definitions]
garter belt a beltlike undergarment of cloth or elastic with four garters sewn to it, used by some women for holding up stockings.
gluten a tough, elastic protein substance that occurs in cereal grains and flours, esp. wheat and corn, and makes dough sticky.
gum1 an elastic substance formed when the latex of a rubber tree is polymerized in air; rubber. [1/10 definitions]
jockstrap an elastic strap with a pouch to support a male's genitals during athletic activities; athletic supporter.
lancewood any of several tropical trees or the durable elastic wood they yield, used for fishing rods, billiard cues, and carriage shafts.
leotard an elastic one-piece garment worn by dancers, acrobats, and the like to cover their bodies while allowing freedom of movement.
nonelastic combined form of elastic.
resilient able to resume shape after being pressed or stretched; elastic. [1/2 definitions]
rubber1 a highly elastic solid made of dried and coagulated sap or latex from various tropical plants, esp. the rubber tree. [2/9 definitions]
rubber band a narrow, elastic, circular or oval loop of natural or synthetic rubber, used to hold together separate objects, papers, or the like.