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acoustic producing sound without electronic or electric means, as a musical instrument. [1/3 definitions]
amplifier an electronic device used to increase current, voltage, power, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
audio frequency the range of frequencies of normally audible sound, or the corresponding electronic frequencies; usu. from about fifteen or twenty to 20,000 cycles per second. [1/2 definitions]
automate to convert to a mechanical or electronic system of operation. [2/3 definitions]
beam an electronic communications signal. [2/8 definitions]
bias a voltage applied to an electronic device, such as a transistor or a vacuum tube, to establish a reference level of operation. [1/8 definitions]
biofeedback a method for self-regulation of presumably involuntary bodily functions, such as heartbeat rate, with the aid of electronic monitors that display visual representations of such functions.
bionic consisting of or supplemented by electronic or mechanical devices. [1/3 definitions]
bug (informal) an electronic listening device that has been secretly installed. [1/8 definitions]
bullhorn an electronic, usu. portable megaphone or loudspeaker that can amplify the voice or other sounds.
chassis in electronic equipment, the frame in which the functioning parts are mounted. [1/4 definitions]
circuit an arrangement of electronic elements, including conductors, resistors, and the like, through which electric current moves. [1/8 definitions]
circuit board a backing, panel, or card, often insulated, on which electronic circuits and other components are set or imprinted.
coaxial cable a high-frequency electronic transmission cable that has two layers of conductive material, one inside the other and separated by insulation.
computer an electronic device used to store, sort, correlate, and make calculations on data at high speeds. [1/2 definitions]
computerize to process or store (information) in an electronic computer. [1/4 definitions]
converter an electronic device that changes or adds frequencies of a television or radio signal. [1/5 definitions]
corpus a compilation of written or spoken texts in electronic format analyzed as linguistic data in order to learn about word meaning and usage, word frequency, and language patterns. [1/4 definitions]
cross talk interference, as on a telephone, radio, or other electronic receiver, by other sound or radio signals from another channel. [1/2 definitions]
crystal any of numerous electronic devices, such as detectors or oscillators, that are made of crystals. [1/7 definitions]
cybernetics (used with a sing. verb) the science concerned with biological control and communication processes and their imitation by mechanical and electronic devices.