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cow1 the female of various other large animals such as the buffalo, elephant, and whale. [1/2 definitions]
elephantine of or pertaining to an elephant or elephants. [2 definitions]
howdah a seat, usu. equipped with a railing and canopy, designed for riding on the back of an elephant or camel.
ivory an elephant tusk. [1/7 definitions]
mahout an elephant keeper or driver, esp. in India.
mammoth a very large extinct mammal related to and resembling the elephant, that lived in the Northern Hemisphere. [1/2 definitions]
mastodon any of a number of extinct mammals of about two million years ago that were large and resembled the elephant.
pachyderm any of several very thick-skinned, hoofed mammals such as the elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros.
proboscis a long flexible trunk or snout, esp. that of an elephant. [1/3 definitions]
roar a loud, deep, prolonged cry or shout, esp. that characteristic of animals such as the lion or elephant. [1/8 definitions]
rogue a vicious animal that has been isolated from the herd, esp. a solitary elephant of that disposition. [1/6 definitions]
sea elephant an elephant seal.
trumpet a loud, piercing sound or call, esp. that made by an elephant. [1/9 definitions]
trunk the prehensile nasal appendage of the elephant; proboscis. [1/10 definitions]
tusk a long, large, pointed tooth, usu. one of a pair, that sticks out from the area of the mouth in certain animals such as the elephant, wild boar, and walrus and is used for digging food and in fighting. [1/3 definitions]
white elephant an albino elephant. [1/3 definitions]