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apotheosis elevation to the status of a god. [1/2 definitions]
benchmark in surveying, a permanent mark at a known position and elevation, used as a reference point for other measurements. [1/2 definitions]
Ben Nevis the highest mountain peak in Great Britain (elevation, 4,406 feet, or 1,344 meters), located in the Grampian Mountains of western Scotland. [1/2 definitions]
contour map a map that shows elevation and land configuration with contour lines.
Dead Sea a large salt lake between Israel and Jordan, and the lowest recorded land elevation on earth, at about 1300 feet below sea level.
elev. abbreviation of "elevation," the height to which something rises or is raised, or its height above sea level or ground level.
fall a sudden decline in elevation. [1/19 definitions]
fundament the geographic features of a region, such as elevation, climate, soils, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
highland land that is at an elevation; plateau. [2/3 definitions]
high water the highest elevation attained by a body of water such as a river. [1/2 definitions]
howitzer a cannon that has a short barrel and is used for firing shells at high angles of elevation and low speeds.
inspiring causing an elevation in one's desire to accomplish or create something, or to make a positive change in one's life or attitude.
leveling rod a graduated rod used in surveying to measure differences in elevation between two points.
papule a small, inflamed elevation of the skin; pimple.
perch1 to rest or be situated, esp. in a spot of high elevation. [1/6 definitions]
rise degree of elevation or increase. [1/24 definitions]
summit the part with the highest elevation, esp. of a mountain; peak. [1/5 definitions]
survey the act of determining the shape, area, and elevation of a piece of land. [2/9 definitions]
surveyor's level an instrument for measuring elevation, consisting of a tripod on which are mounted a horizontally revolving telescope and a spirit level.
timberline the land elevation or polar region beyond which trees will not grow.
valley a long area of relatively low elevation, often having a stream bed at the bottom, surrounded by mountains or hills. [1/2 definitions]