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antielite combined form of elite.
blue-ribbon jury a jury specially selected for high intelligence, education, or other elite qualities.
Brahmin a cultured, socially elite person, esp. a member of an upper-class New England family. [1/2 definitions]
counterculture the values and way of life of any group of people who reject the accepted values and traditions of society, esp. those who reject materialism, war, and cultural regimentation by the elite classes.
elitism rule, or support or advocacy of rule, by an elite. [1/2 definitions]
grenadier formerly, an elite foot soldier or a soldier specializing in using grenades. [1/2 definitions]
hierarchy an elite group that governs. [1/4 definitions]
intelligentsia the elite class of intellectual or educated people within a society, or those who consider themselves part of such a class.
nonelite combined form of elite.
pniese in Wampanoag language and culture, an elite warrior counselor.
samurai a member of the elite military class of feudal Japan. [1/2 definitions]
S.S. abbreviation of "Schutzstaffel" (German); an elite military corps in Germany that functioned as a special security police arm of the Nazi Party.
superelite combined form of elite.
vulgar of or pertaining to the common masses of people, as opposed to an educated elite group. [1/4 definitions]