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airlift the systematic transportation of people or supplies by air when ground routes are impossible or dangerous to use, esp. in a battle zone or during an emergency. [1/2 definitions]
alert to warn or give notice of an emergency or other impending event. [1/3 definitions]
battle station the place to which military personnel or craft are to report in case of attack or emergency.
call box a box containing a telephone, posted on a street or highway, and used to make emergency calls. [1/2 definitions]
civil defense emergency procedures and facilities organized by civilians for the protection of people and property in cases of flood, famine, war, or the like.
crash dive a sudden and rapid emergency dive made by a submarine, esp. to avoid attack.
crash-land to land (an airplane) in an emergency, usu. causing damage to the plane. [2 definitions]
eject to throw or propel oneself out of an aircraft in an emergency, by use of an ejection seat or capsule. [1/3 definitions]
ejection seat a seat designed to eject from an aircraft during an emergency and parachute to the ground with its occupant.
ER abbreviation of "emergency room."
exigency a situation demanding urgent or immediate attention; emergency. [1/3 definitions]
expedient a means used in an emergency, and not necessarily the best one that could be used; contrivance. [1/4 definitions]
fail-safe protected against failure or breakdown, as by a compensatory or back-up mechanism that begins to function automatically in an emergency. [1/5 definitions]
field hospital a hospital-like facility set up for emergency treatment of soldiers near the fighting zone.
fire escape a fireproof stairway, ladder, or the like, usu. on the outside of a building, used as an emergency exit in case of fire.
first aid emergency medical treatment for injury or sudden illness, administered before regular medical care or more thorough treatment can be obtained.
first-aid kit a kit containing supplies for administering emergency treatment of injuries, poisoning, or sudden illness. It generally contains such things as bandages, antiseptics, and painkillers.
flight strip an emergency or makeshift runway; airstrip.
Heimlich maneuver an emergency technique used to stop a person from choking in which one wraps one's arms around the person's middle from behind and applies sharp pressure to force air from the lungs and eject the object.
hot line a direct communication system set up for use in times of emergency or crisis, esp. between heads of government. [1/2 definitions]
mad money (informal) a bit of money set aside for emergency use or for nonessential or frivolous purchases.