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box2 to employ cleverness, evasion, and anticipation in a boxing match, as opposed to sheer strength or force. [1/6 definitions]
closed shop a factory or business that agrees, through a contract with a labor union, to employ only members of that union. [1/2 definitions]
employable combined form of employ.
engage to obtain or use the service of; employ. [1/10 definitions]
flatter1 to employ flattery. [1/4 definitions]
jig1 to employ a jig, either in working with materials or in fishing. [1/4 definitions]
make use of to employ or cause to be employed; find a purpose or activity for.
misemploy to employ wrongly; misuse.
ply1 to employ (something) as a weapon or tool. [1/6 definitions]
put to use to apply or employ to one's advantage.
reemploy combined form of employ.
scanner1 any of various devices that employ optics, nuclear radiation, magnetic fields, sound waves, or the like to examine interior or exterior surfaces or tissues and transmit information, images, or directions. [1/2 definitions]
stall2 to employ evasion or other delaying maneuvers. [1/5 definitions]
text message a short message typed on the keypad of a cellular phone and transmitted to another cellular phone. Text messages often employ shortened forms of words, which may also include numbers to represent sounds within words or to represent whole words; text. [1/3 definitions]
use to bring into service; employ, esp. habitually. [2/12 definitions]