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activated carbon a form of very porous and thus very absorbent carbon, produced by heating charcoal so as to empty out contained gases, and used to absorb other gases, recover solvents, deodorize, and the like; activated charcoal.
album a book or binder with blank pages or empty pockets in which a collection can be inserted, as of photographs, stamps, or mementos. [1/3 definitions]
blank empty or clear, as a space on a surface. [1/12 definitions]
blow2 to empty by forcing air through. [1/14 definitions]
bluster noisy but empty threats or boasts. [1/5 definitions]
braggadocio empty or exaggerated boasting. [1/3 definitions]
carcass the useless remains of anything; empty shell. [1/3 definitions]
check-box a small empty square printed next to an item on a form, test, or list, to be filled in with a check or other mark to indicate choice or completion. [1/2 definitions]
clean empty; blank. [2/12 definitions]
clean out to empty so as to clean. [1/2 definitions]
clear empty. [1/22 definitions]
discharge to unload, empty, or release. [1/17 definitions]
drain to make empty by drinking the contents of. [1/10 definitions]
dump to empty (the contents of a container), esp. by inverting or tilting. [2/10 definitions]
empty to remove or discharge the contents of; make empty. [2/10 definitions]
evacuate to discharge the contents of (one's bowel or bladder); empty. [1/5 definitions]
exhaust to drain or draw a vacuum in; empty of contents. [1/11 definitions]
farce anything improbable, absurd, or empty of meaning; mockery; sham. [1/2 definitions]
flush1 to wash out, clean, or empty with a swift gush or flow of water. [1/10 definitions]
form a document with empty spaces provided for the insertion of information. [1/15 definitions]
free empty, as a space; not occupied. [1/20 definitions]