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deinstitutionalize to enable (one who has been institutionalized, such as a mental patient) to live away from the institution, within the community. [1/2 definitions]
empower to permit; enable. [1/2 definitions]
expressway a divided highway that has limited access and is designed to enable traffic to move rapidly.
flying fish any of several related marine fishes with stiff, enlarged pectoral or pelvic fins that enable them to glide in the air after leaping from the water.
flying gunnard any of several mostly tropical marine fishes with colorful winglike pectoral fins that enable them to glide above the water for short distances.
flying squirrel a squirrel with winglike membranes connecting the forelegs to the hind legs, that enable it to make long gliding leaps through the air.
frank1 to convey or enable (a person) to go freely. [1/7 definitions]
incubator an apparatus providing artificial warmth to enable eggs to hatch. [1/3 definitions]
landing gear the wheels or pontoons of an aircraft designed to enable it to move on land or water when not airborne.
network to create a network of people, groups, or other resources that can enable the achievement of individual or group aims. [1/7 definitions]
pour to enable (a liquid or granular substance such as salt) to flow or stream, as from a container. [1/6 definitions]
progesterone a hormone secreted by the ovaries that stimulates changes in the lining of the uterus to enable implantation and sustenance of a fertilized egg.
rocker a chair mounted on such curved elements that enable a person to rock while sitting; rocking chair. [1/3 definitions]
sacrifice in baseball, to enable (a base runner) to advance by hitting a sacrifice bunt or fly. [1/11 definitions]
stilt either of two long, slender poles with footrests that enable the user to walk elevated above the ground. [1/3 definitions]
tap1 a metal cleat fastened to the toe or heel of a shoe to protect against wear, or to enable a tap dancer to make sharp clicking noises. [1/7 definitions]
wing any corresponding body part that resembles such an appendage, but does not enable flight. [1/14 definitions]