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around so as to encircle or enclose. [1/13 definitions]
begird to fasten around; encircle.
belt to furnish, mark, or encircle with or as if with a belt, band, or line. [1/11 definitions]
cincture to encircle, as with a belt or girdle. [1/3 definitions]
circumvallate to encircle with or as with a wall, rampart, or trench. [1/2 definitions]
close to surround; encircle (fol. by "around"). [1/24 definitions]
compass to include entirely; encompass; encircle. [1/9 definitions]
enlace to encircle, bind, or wind about with or as if with a cord or lace. [1/2 definitions]
environ to form a circle around; encircle or surround.
gird to surround, bind, or encircle, as with a belt. [1/3 definitions]
girdle to surround, encircle, or hold within limits; gird. [1/7 definitions]
girth to go around; encompass; encircle. [1/4 definitions]
hoop to surround with or as if with a hoop; encircle. [1/7 definitions]
ring1 to enclose in a ring; encircle. [1/13 definitions]
sea anemone a flowerlike sedentary sea polyp, the flexible cylindrical body of which is topped with one or more rings of tentacles that encircle a mouth.
surround to form in a circle around; encircle. [1/4 definitions]
Van Allen belt either of two belts that encircle the earth within its magnetic field, in which electrically charged particles, captured from the solar wind, are trapped. [1/2 definitions]
wind2 to encircle or wrap. [1/11 definitions]
wrap to cover, encircle, or enfold with something. [2/10 definitions]
wreathe to form a wreath around; encircle; envelop. [1/6 definitions]