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around so as to encircle or enclose. [1/13 definitions]
barricade to defend or enclose by means of a barricade. [1/3 definitions]
bind to enclose the pages of (a book) with a cover. [1/13 definitions]
blintz a thin pancake folded to enclose a fruit or cheese filling.
bottle up to enclose or block. [1/2 definitions]
bower1 to shelter or enclose in or as if in a bower. [1/2 definitions]
box turtle any of several North American land turtles with a hinged shell that can completely enclose the body; box tortoise.
brace either of a pair of signs { } used to enclose words, quantities, or musical staves to be considered together. [1/10 definitions]
bracket one of a pair of marks, [ or ], used to enclose and set apart words or figures. [2/7 definitions]
business envelope an envelope that will enclose a sheet of paper eight and a half inches wide that has been folded twice lengthwise.
cabin to enclose or confine. [1/4 definitions]
capsule to provide with or enclose in a capsule. [1/7 definitions]
capsulize to enclose in a capsule. [1/2 definitions]
case2 to place or enclose in a case; encase. [1/5 definitions]
casket to enclose in a casket. [1/3 definitions]
castle to enclose in, or as though in, a castle. [1/6 definitions]
cavern to enclose, as in a cavern. [1/3 definitions]
chamber to enclose or confine in or as if in a chamber. [1/6 definitions]
circle to enclose within a circle. [1/8 definitions]
confine to enclose or shut in; imprison. [1/3 definitions]
dike to furnish, enclose, or protect with a dike. [1/6 definitions]