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breast to face, meet, or encounter; confront. [1/6 definitions]
brush1 a brief, light touch or quick encounter. [1/8 definitions]
come across to discover or encounter by chance. [1/2 definitions]
discover to see or witness due to a chance encounter or deliberate search; find. [1/3 definitions]
experience to undergo or encounter; feel or know. [1/6 definitions]
find to encounter, come upon, or meet, esp. unexpectedly. [1/8 definitions]
happen to encounter by chance (usu. fol. by on or upon). [1/4 definitions]
meet1 to come into contact with; encounter. [1/13 definitions]
meeting an encounter. [1/3 definitions]
moment of truth any critical or decisive moment of testing, encounter, discovery, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
on near to, as in an encounter. [1/19 definitions]
one-night stand (informal) a sexual encounter between two people that occurs only once. [1/2 definitions]
promiscuity a promiscuous sexual encounter. [1/3 definitions]
reencounter combined form of encounter.
run across to encounter by chance.
scrimmage a preliminary or minor encounter between enemy troops; skirmish. [1/5 definitions]