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endue to endow with some quality or characteristic.
humanize to endow with human values and qualities. [1/2 definitions]
immortalize to make immortal; endow with unending life or fame.
invest to endow with authority or with a specified quality. [1/4 definitions]
materialize to endow with material attributes. [1/4 definitions]
personate1 to endow with personal qualities; personify. [1/3 definitions]
present2 to endow or provide with something, such as a gift. [1/7 definitions]
reanimate to endow with fresh energy, vitality, or power.
reendow combined form of endow.
specialize to endow with special functions or characteristics. [1/4 definitions]
vest to place something in the possession or control of; invest or endow. [1/7 definitions]