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associate a person who is actively involved with others in running a business enterprise; partner. [1/10 definitions]
book club a commercial enterprise that sells or lends books to subscribers, usu. at a discount in exchange for a specified minimum purchase.
business a specific commercial enterprise, or the place where such an enterprise is carried on. [1/8 definitions]
capitalize to supply capital for or use capital in, as a business enterprise. [1/4 definitions]
carwash a similar, temporary enterprise, usu. to raise funds for a charity, school, athletic team, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
combine a group of people or organizations united by their interest in a commercial or political enterprise. [1/6 definitions]
commercialize to make into a commercial enterprise something that is not necessarily commercial in nature.
conservative (cap.) of or relating to the U.S. or British political party favoring private enterprise and opposing government control. (Cf. Liberal.) [1/7 definitions]
consortium a combination of nations, companies, or the like, formed to provide large amounts of capital for a joint enterprise. [1/2 definitions]
cooperative a jointly owned and operated enterprise. [1/4 definitions]
copartner an associate or fellow partner, as in a business enterprise.
crash1 the sudden failure of a financial or other enterprise, or of the economy in general. [1/17 definitions]
crawfish (informal) to back out of an enterprise. [1/2 definitions]
deadwood unproductive persons or burdensome things that hinder the smooth function or progress of an enterprise. [1/2 definitions]
do-nothing lacking initiative, enterprise, or willingness to work; lazy or idle. [1/2 definitions]
float to initiate (a business enterprise). [1/14 definitions]
flotation the starting or financing of a business enterprise, esp. by selling bonds or stock. [1/3 definitions]
foil1 to prevent (a person, plan, enterprise, effort, or the like) from succeeding.
franchise a right granted by a commercial enterprise to sell a product or service in a limited territory. [1/5 definitions]
generalship leadership or direction of a complex enterprise, esp. as manifested in skill at strategy. [1/2 definitions]
ground floor (informal) a favorable opportunity or position, esp. in or at the beginning of a business enterprise. [1/2 definitions]