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acclaim enthusiastic approval as by loud applause. [1/4 definitions]
acclamation enthusiastic applause; loud expression of approval. [1/2 definitions]
air-minded enthusiastic about aviation.
big avid, enthusiastic, or devoted. [1/7 definitions]
college try (informal) an enthusiastic, energetic effort.
crazy (informal) wildly enthusiastic; excited. [1/7 definitions]
delirious wildly excited or enthusiastic, usu. as a result of sudden good fortune. [1/2 definitions]
ebullient highly enthusiastic, happily excited, or spirited. [1/2 definitions]
enamored highly enthusiastic, fond, or infatuated (usu. fol. by "of" or "with").
exuberant vigorously enthusiastic or happy; high-spirited. [1/2 definitions]
fan2 an enthusiastic follower of an activity such as a sport or a performing art or of a person or persons who engage in that activity.
fanatic overly zealous or enthusiastic; fanatical. [1/2 definitions]
fervid heated or impassioned; intensely enthusiastic; extremely fervent. [1/2 definitions]
fire to make enthusiastic; excite (usually followed by "up"). [1/15 definitions]
gung-ho (informal) extremely enthusiastic and loyal, often in a naive way.
gush to speak in an exaggeratedly emotional or enthusiastic manner. [1/7 definitions]
hail1 to give enthusiastic approval or acclaim to. [1/7 definitions]
heartily in an enthusiastic or unrestrained way. [1/2 definitions]
hearty vigorous and enthusiastic. [1/6 definitions]
high-spirited enthusiastic, fiery, or courageous in temperament or behavior.
hipped2 (informal) very enthusiastic or obsessed (fol. by on).