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commutative in mathematics, interchangeable in order, as the terms in the equation, a + b = b + a. [1/2 definitions]
differential equation an equation that contains differentials.
indeterminate of a mathematical equation, not limited to one value for each unknown. [1/3 definitions]
linear in mathematics, graphically represented as a straight line, as a function or an equation. [1/6 definitions]
quadratic a quadratic equation. [1/2 definitions]
quadratic equation in algebra, an equation in which the square is the highest power to which the unknown quantity is raised.
soliton in physics, a solitary wave, or a solution to a type of equation that represents such a wave.
theorem in algebra, a rule expressed as a mathematical equation or formula. [1/2 definitions]
transpose to move (an algebraic term) from one side of an equation to another, thus reversing its sign. [1/4 definitions]