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armament weapons and supplies used to equip a military unit such as a tank, warship, airplane, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
bait to equip with bait for purposes of entrapment. [1/5 definitions]
cable to equip with a cable or cables. [1/11 definitions]
calk2 to equip with calks. [1/4 definitions]
electrify to provide with, or equip for the use of, electric power. [1/3 definitions]
endow to equip with some ability, quality, or asset. [1/2 definitions]
fit1 to equip. [1/11 definitions]
furnish to equip, esp. with furniture. [1/2 definitions]
gird to supply or equip, as with force or ammunition. [1/3 definitions]
glove to provide or equip with gloves. [1/5 definitions]
instrument to equip with instruments for measuring or recording. [1/7 definitions]
mechanize to equip with machinery or motorized conveyances. [1/3 definitions]
munition to equip with munitions. [1/2 definitions]
outfit to supply with an outfit; equip. [1/5 definitions]
overpower to provide or equip with excess mechanical power. [1/3 definitions]
rearm to equip (others or oneself) with new or more efficient weapons. [1/2 definitions]
reequip combined form of equip.
retool to fit with new or different machinery; re-equip for a new purpose. [2/3 definitions]
rib1 to equip, enclose, support, or strengthen with a rib or ribs. [1/7 definitions]
rig to equip or prepare for use, as by attaching sails and ropes to (a boat or ship). [2/10 definitions]
set to equip or arrange so as to make ready for use. [1/25 definitions]