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lampoon an attack through ridicule, as in an essay, cartoon, or comedy; satire. [2 definitions]
message the central theme or main point of a work such as a film, essay, or sermon. [1/3 definitions]
paper any written or printed document such as an essay, article, report, exam, or the like. [1/12 definitions]
prolegomenon a critical, introductory essay in a book.
prolusion a preliminary essay written as an introductory piece for a more detailed work, or any similarly introductory work or performance.
screed a tiresomely long speech or essay; diatribe. [1/2 definitions]
term paper a long essay or report required of a high school or college student at the end of a term or semester.
theme the central topic of a speech, discourse, sermon, essay, or other literary work. [2/3 definitions]
thesis an essay or dissertation, esp. one based on research or critical study, submitted as a requirement for an advanced academic degree. [1/4 definitions]
tract2 a brief essay or pamphlet, usu. on a religious or political topic, that is distributed to solicit support or adherence.
tractate a treatise, tract, or essay.