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bigot one who is prejudiced against and intolerant of any group or belief that is not his or her own, esp. religious, racial, or ethnic.
bigotry intolerance of any group or belief that is not one's own, especially in the form of racial, ethnic, or religious intolerance and prejudice.
black (sometimes cap.) a member of an ethnic group having dark skin, eyes, and hair. [2/13 definitions]
desegregation the act, result, or policy of eliminating segregation, esp. of racial or ethnic groups.
ethnic a member of an ethnic group. [1/3 definitions]
ethnic cleansing the mass murder, incarceration, or forced emigration of members of an ethnic minority within a particular nation in order to establish an ethnically homogeneous population.
ethnicity the condition of being a member of an ethnic group or sharing its traits.
ethnocentric holding the belief that one's own ethnic group or culture is superior. [1/2 definitions]
ethnocentrism the belief that one's own ethnic group or culture is superior. [1/2 definitions]
ethnomusicology the study of the music of one or more ethnic groups, esp. as a reflection of cultural values or differences.
fascism (often cap.) a system of government characterized by strong, often dictatorial control of political and economic affairs, and often by warlike nationalism and brutal suppression of political dissidents and ethnic minorities. [1/3 definitions]
genocide the intentional attempt to exterminate all members of a certain race, nationality, or ethnic group.
ghetto a part of a town or city in which members of a particular race, religion, nationality, ethnic group, or the like are forced by law to live. [2/3 definitions]
Hausa the Afroasiatic language spoken by the Hausas and used as a means of inter-ethnic communication in areas east and west of Nigeria and Niger. [1/2 definitions]
Hmong an ethnic group of Asia whose homeland includes the mountainous regions of southern China and northern Southeast Asia. [1/2 definitions]
integrated allowing or having members of equal standing from different ethnic, racial, and religious groups. (Cf. segregated.) [1/2 definitions]
interethnic combined form of ethnic.
intergroup between, among, or involving different social, ethnic, religious, or other groups.
intermarriage marriage between two people who are of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. [1/2 definitions]
intermarry to marry a member of another racial or ethnic group, religion, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
minority a group that differs in race, ethnic background, religion, or political ideas from the majority of people in a society. [1/4 definitions]