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beau a man whose dress and etiquette reflect great concern for style; dandy; fop. [1/2 definitions]
de rigueur (French) required by fashion, custom, etiquette, or the like.
ladylike too concerned with or aware of etiquette or the like. [1/2 definitions]
mince to restrain or soften for the sake of courtesy or etiquette. [1/7 definitions]
protocol the rules pertaining to etiquette and ceremonial observances among diplomats, heads of state, and the military. [1/5 definitions]
punctilio a small detail of etiquette or formal behavior. [2 definitions]
punctilious strictly adhering to etiquette or formalities. [1/2 definitions]
solecism a gross violation of convention in grammar, etiquette, or the like; impropriety.