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albeit notwithstanding; even though.
although in spite of the fact that; even though; though.
any even a very small amount of (used after a negative). [1/7 definitions]
botulism an often lethal disease of the nervous system caused by ingesting even small amounts of the toxin botulin, produced by a bacterium that grows in poorly preserved or spoiled foods.
close nearly alike or nearly even. [1/24 definitions]
colorfast having color that will not fade even with exposure to sun or multiple washings.
crackle to cause to become covered with fine cracks, even to the point of breaking. [1/9 definitions]
dream to have as a wish, aim, or hope, even if difficult or unobtainable. [1/13 definitions]
Dutch bob a haircut with bangs and a straight, even cut over the ears.
e'en contracted form of "even" (used chiefly in literature). [1/2 definitions]
even to become even. [1/17 definitions]
even-steven (informal) even or in balance with reference to another; without having an advantage in amount, degree, or the like over another.
five o'clock shadow (informal) the later appearance of new beard growth on a man's face, even though he has shaved in the morning.
flush2 so as to be on the same plane or in the same line; level or even. [1/6 definitions]
fusee a match with a large head ignited by friction and capable of burning even in a wind. [1/4 definitions]
gestalt in psychology, a cognitive pattern that is whole and unified and cannot be predicted or inferred from its individual elements, even when they are considered together.
gimbals (sometimes sing.; used with a sing. verb) a device using pivots that supports something such as a compass on a ship and keeps it level even when the support is in motion.
grade to make level or even. [1/9 definitions]
high time just the appropriate time, or even past it.
hydra a many-sided problem that persists or grows worse even after part of it is solved. [1/4 definitions]
imbricate overlapping in an even sequence, as roof tiles or fish scales. [2/3 definitions]